Grant Caldwell 宋杰允

International Growth Consultant
Taipei and Montreal

Located in Taipei, with a presence in Montreal; I enable technology companies around the world to improve their business through leveraging new geographies, alongside providing them with on-the-ground representation in both Asia and North America. Envisioning a world of stunning potential, I'm here to help you capture it.


Me: A visionary with a passion for cultures, aesthetics,

and the world of the future.

I'm someone who likes a good adventure, in life and in business.

I started my journey in Vancouver, where I first got into the technology industry through working with a couple software service providers in commercial-related roles; and later, I was also the product manager for Inbound Retargeting's Retarget Links product line still shortly after my debut. Before relocating to Asia, I also founded Avègen in late 2014, which was a small BPO agency centered around providing ready-made offshore sales teams based in Southeast Asia to companies elsewhere in the world. I exited Avègen a few years later by having it merged into another BPO industry player in the region.


Seeking change and new opportunities, as well as to be closer to the operations of Avègen at the time, I ended up spending the year of 2016 living in Kuala Lumpur, where I ultimately established my consulting business of today, Grant Caldwell Solutions. While living in Malaysia, I also spent a considerable amount of time in Seoul, as part of one of the first projects I was working on under my new business, laying the foundation for me to ultimately build a unique transpacific background.

After my successes in the previous year; in 2017, I decided to relocate from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, where I've since been able to gain valuable new perspectives and greatly broaden the scope of what I'm able to offer to my clients. In that same year, I also spent several months in Montreal, in a bid to make Montreal the new center of the North American side of my business. Since then, I've continually retained a small network of independent contractors in Montreal that I use to help facilitate projects and cooperations concerning that region; enabling my clients to have an on-the-ground advantage both there and here,

Today, I seek to offer an inside advantage across both Asia and North America to the companies I'm involved with; backed by the right mix of insights and dynamic expertise across my areas of specialization.

As for myself, I'm motivated by the spirit of adventure, exploration, and the facilitation of cultural connections around the world; as to provide a unique and unconventional touch to anything I happen to find myself involved with.


Together, let's help build the world of the future.

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What I Offer: Actively delivered, regionally focused; solution-based projects and perennial growth cooperations.

I provide my clients with a personal, active, and localized presence in both Asia and North America enabling them to take their business further, across new frontiers.

There are two distinct formats of involvement that I engage in. While both are associated with active consulting in relation to the markets of Asia and North America, there are some key differences between the structure of the two formats and their applicability.


On one hand, I offer perennial growth cooperations, where I get involved with a client for a set amount of time per month on an ongoing and renewable basis, usually to help them identify, develop relationships with, and ultimately close new prospects as per their commercial goals in a given region.


Conversely, I also offer my clients solution-based projects, where I conceptualize and implement a specific solution; covering outcomes as diverse as setting up local branch offices, establishing and managing regional teams, implementing marketing campaigns, as well as sourcing vendors in select geographies.


In all client involvements, I like to make a point to have frequent catch-up calls and strategy discussions with those I'm working with, and beyond that; each year, I aim to spend a week or two personally visiting each of the companies I have a major involvement with, no matter where they're located in the world.

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"Nothing is impossible to those who will try."

-Alexander the Great of Macedonia


Examples of the different involvement types that I'm able to offer to you; divided by format, duration, and purpose; should you wish to work with me.

Market Discovery 🔎

Perennial Growth Cooperation

4+ Months

Get your foothold in a new market, in a new part of the world.

On an ongoing basis; I can help research new prospective accounts and partners for you, provide you with valuable insights, attend relevant events on your behalf, and facilitate qualified introductions between you and the prospects I find.

Frequently paired with...

Cooperations: Sales and Account Oversight

Projects: Team Establishment and Management

Sales and Account Oversight 🏹

Perennial Growth Cooperation

6+ Months

Turn your regional prospects into valuable accounts and partners.

On an ongoing basis, either in-person or nearby; I can carry out dialogue with your regional prospects, from initial introduction and qualification, to negotiations and deal closure. Beyond that, I can liaise with your current and former regional accounts to ensure that you realize the most value out of them and likewise, that you stay top-of-mind in relation to their future plans.

Frequently paired with...

Cooperations: Market Discovery

Projects: Marketing Campaigns, Team Establishment and Management

Team Establishment and Management 🏒

Solution-based Project

2+ Months

Realize the potential of the world's talent; harness the value of a regional team.

Operational, technical, sales-focused, or something else entirely; I can conceptualize, plan, recruit, and continually manage for you; a specialized and purpose-driven regional team that will provide you with unforeseen advantages and new-found value; be it in Asia, North America, or both.

Frequently paired with...

Cooperations: Market Discovery, Sales and Account Oversight
Projects: Branch Office Setup

Regional Partnership Facilitation 🤝

Solution-based Project

1+ Months

Engage with valuable new partners and vendors, near or far.

Across multiple areas of focus, I can provide market insights, help you identify contenders, and facilitate deals on your behalf as well as manage ongoing relationships; as related to vendors, resellers, and other sorts of regional partners.


Frequently paired with...

Projects: Branch Office Setup

Marketing Campaigns 📢

Solution-based Project

2+ Months

Broadcast your solutions to new parts of the world; maximize the value you derive.

I can design, implement, and manage regionally-focused marketing campaigns for you; covering areas as broad as search engine and social media advertising, influencer-based promotion, sponsored content, among other campaign formats.


Frequently paired with...

Cooperations: Sales and Account Oversight

Projects: Team Establishment and Management

Branch Office Setup 🏬

Solution-based Project

2+ Months

Establish a new branch of your business; take your potential to a new level.

In a location of your choice or several, I can help you establish and continually oversee the operations of local branch offices. Such projects may include providing assistance with local entity formation, touring and leasing office space on your behalf, among other aspects.


Frequently paired with...

Projects: Team Establishment and Management, Regional Partnership Facilitation


Some interesting examples of my work, from the past few years.

Beetroot, a Swedish firm, provides Ukraine-based software development and staffing services to startups and SMEs around the world. I promoted and marketed their services in Canada, Korea, and Malaysia with the goal of giving them access to new leads, opportunities, and relationships in these markets.

Beetroot Resources
Software Development Outsourcing & Staffing Company

Ukraine and Sweden

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Let's get in touch! If you're close by, let me know, and we can meet for a glass of wine. If not, I'd be happy to take a call.

Grant Caldwell

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