Hey, I'm Grant...

A visionary with a passion for cultures, aesthetics, and the world of the future; I’m the founder of Nationless, as well as involved with many other organizations that share my vision for a better tomorrow. Though I live in Bangkok and I'm originally from Vancouver, I see myself as being a citizen of the world, one with all who are one with me.


Want to reach out? Feel free to email me; alternatively, I'm also active on LinkedIn.


Should you enjoy reading about esoteric topics such as metaphysical gnosis and ultra-counterculture, you might be interested in a not-so-secret publication and society that I run as a hobby, which I'd be happy to introduce you to, so long as you're ready to have your mind blown; consider it as a literary thematic speakeasy.

In Bangkok? Want to meet up for a drink? Chances are, I'm down.